“21 Days for $21”

Special Beginners trial deal

It’s never too late to Learn Martial Arts. We have a class and a program for you. Book you special deal today valued over $60 for only $21, this will help motivate you to get started on your martial arts journey. If you are unsure, this is a great way to try one or even all of the programs and see for yourself which one is for you. You have no obligation to join up once your 21 days are over if you’re not interested in continuing your journey just let us know. In 21 days it will give you an idea if it has helped you or not in some way. Have you every heard of someone regretted training martial arts, so why not give it a go. I look forward to seeing you on the mats.

Matt Wickham

Beginners class to look at; Kids & Teens ( 45 mins)

Little Dragons 4 to 5 years  – Monday & Wednesday 4 pm start

Kids karate 6 to 12 years  -Monday & Friday 4:30 pm  Also Wednesday 5:15 pm start

Kids Kickboxing 6 to 10 years – Tuesday 5:15 pm and Thursday 4:30 pm start

Teens Kickboxing 12 to 15 years – Monday 5:15 pm start

Kids BJJ 6-10 years – Tuesday 4:30 pm start and Thursday 5:15 pm start

Teen BJJ 11 -15 years – Tuesday 5:15 pm and Thursday 4:30 pm

Beginners class to look at; Adults ( 1 hour)

Muay Thai Kickboxing – Mondays 6 pm start

Zen Do Kai Karate – Wednesdays 7 pm

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Tuesday and Thursday 7 pm


What do I wear- Some sporting type cloths to start and perferably something comfortable.

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