Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Adults

BJJ – Beginner course (Fundamental) Starting Out

The beginner course is specifically designed for students with little or no Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu experience. An emphasis is placed on the fundamental principles of BJJ that are often missed when beginning students start learning in mixed-level classes. Our structured program will guide, month by month, through the fundamentals of BJJ. The program is designed to develop strong basic principles so that the beginner will continue to benefit from them throughout their pursuit of grappling knowledge.

Typical Classes

Classes typically begin with light, callisthenic warm-up exercises and then transition into technique-specific drills applicable to BJJ for the first third of the hour. The second portion of the class is dedicated to the theory and techniques of traditional BJJ. The techniques and principals shown in the beginner class are also useful in self-defence, MMA as well as other martial arts. Once the student has attended a few sessions and feel confident enough to spar, which is the last section of the class. The Sparring section is where they test their newly learnt skills in a wrestling match against someone else who is trying to do the same.

The only requirement for students attending the beginner class is that a Gi must be worn. Aside from this, all students 14+ years of age are welcome to attend. There is no upper age limit and classes are coeducational including men and women.

BJJ – All Levels

The all levels class is intended for BJJ practitioners of all skill levels, from novice to experienced. Students with no grappling experience are strongly suggested to start with the beginners course, before entering the all levels class and this may be required at the instructor’s discretion. Students are expected to have a basic understanding of BJJ techniques and safety before joining the class. The focus of the class is teaching students effective techniques and strategies for both gym and competition settings.


The NO-GI class is intended for BJJ and MMA students of all levels. However, like the All Levels BJJ Class, those with no grappling experience will be urged to participate in the Beginners Course to gain some foundational knowledge of BJJ and safety.

Students will wear a rashguard or similar fitted shirt (no baggy or revealing tops), and athletic shorts such as MMA, Vale Tudo, or board shorts with no pockets or metal parts (GI pants will be allowed if needed). The movements taught in this class will differ from the GI class in that there is no grabbing or pulling of the opponents clothing to gain positional advantages. You will learn how to deal with this and control your opponent by using proper pressure and wrestling style control grips.

The class is broken up into three sections. First, we warm up to increase your body’s core temperature and prepare your muscles and joints for activity. Second, is a technique section in which you will learn step by step, efficient movements to deal with live situations. Followed lastly, in traditional fashion, by a period of live sparring with a great group of fellow students interested in helping each other learn and improve.

Some positions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Rear mount


Knee on Belly

Side control

Half Mount

Guard Top / Guard Bottom

Turtle Top / Turtle Bottom

Half Guard Bottom

Side control Bottom

Knee on Belly Bottom

Mount Bottom

Rear mount Bottom

Association: Our BJJ Instructors are members of the Maromba Academy Australia lead by Coach Thiago Stefanutti a 2nd degree Black belt from Brazil who is has been trained under Professor Paulo Streckert, Brazil. The Maromba Academy is fast becoming one of the strongest competition teams in Australia. Why not join Wickham‘s Martial Arts Centre BJJ program today, you know you will have the best coaching and up to date skills offered in the Echuca/ Moama area.