Zen Do Kai Karate Adults


The best of everything in progression, Zen Do Kai Karate is Australia’s own Martial Art which combines the best techniques from styles including traditional Karate, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,Arnis and traditional Japanese weaponry. Our focus is on modern, practical applications which may include one-on-one self defence, defence against multiple attackers, restraints and holds and ground fighting.

The classes are structured so everyone in the class works together, not like most traditional systems, when there is a different form (Kata’s) needed to learn and the group separates. We like to keep the classes continually working together on all aspects as much as possible. Each month there is a different skill/ technique practiced, therefore, keeping the learning interesting and motivating. Each class starts with a warm up and moves into the drills, this is where the members practice their fighting skills.

Class structure

Warm ups

Fighting drills

Pad works skill development

Self defence (option from Weapons to ground defence)

Forms, Kata


Our program also includes traditional martial arts philosophies such as “Senjo”, which encompasses respect, loyalty, truth and benevolence. The Zen Do Kai program benefits both your body and mind, making you the complete martial artist! Zen Do Kai will help you develop life skills that will help you with your day to day life. This Modern Karate was developed to deal with the modern ways of life, and while learning, you are challenged with Gradings/tests! The belt systems in Zen Do Kai start at white belt and run though to Black belt. It will help develop your confidence and you will learn to respect and honour!