The friendliest Family club in Town. Somewhere that every members of the family can Train.

McMaster Family

I’ve been training Muay Thai at Wickham’s Martial Arts Centre for approx 11 months. I initially started training here with my daughter as an alternative to going to the gym, the moment we walked through the door we were welcomed and introduced to the coaching staff and students.

With no real goals set, i remember when we were told about the first grading in 6-8 week and i thought that it would be cool to reach (totally oblivious to my weight 136kg), Each lesson just as i thought i was getting it, the coaching staff would ramp it up a little more pushing that little harder in which all the students responded, this can only occur because of the relationship between student and teacher of trust, each class feels like a personal training session although it is a group class we always received the personal contact we require to help us.

There is no better feeling than walking into the club and feeling a sense of belonging, the coaches and staff all acknowledge you whether with a nod or a wink even though they may be taking class, some students will high five you as you walk past (even though they are 30yrs your junior) and it is a real testament to Matt and his team to create such a friendly and safe culture.

I have lost 40 kg on his journey and have maintained the loss, this is something i never would’ve dreamt off, it has been a team effort which has driven me to want to improve, i am hooked, not sure if it is the sport or the incredible people i train with.
I totally recommend it to anyone wanting a change in lifestyle and to be apart of a supportive and friendly club.

Simon Cousins

Ashton has been going to Wickhams martial arts centre now for almost 2 years now. He really enjoys going every week, and since he started, his confidence has gone through the roof.

It is also a big relief for both his mum and myself knowing that he can now defend himself and he is learning a great life skill. All the staff at the centre are fantastic and Ashton looks up to all of them.

We would recommend to anyone thinking about going to train at the centre to definitely go and check it out. I have even started doing the Bjj classes too

Ray Walker - Students father

I have trained with more than one champion, some were world champions at the time, some were their instructors, and some were well on their way to their goal. Spent a few years under Matt Wickham with my club by choice years ago, can only still thank Matt for everything, as point by point would take too long. Thanks Matt, regards, plan to catch up sometime when in Vic again.

Ray Gannon

I only met u recently Matt, but u humbly took one of the Muay Thai classes at our camp in QLD. Your teaching methods were great and I was able to take away exactly what your were showing us and the deliverance of how u showed the class was fantastic! Thanks heaps for your time and coming all the way up for the camp, was a great weekend and your martial arts centre is lucky to have u and your knowledge as their teacher. All the best for the future and hopefully we’ll see u again at the next camp.

Tim Oakley

Matts openness, willingness to give of his time, his knowledge and his patience has developed me as a martial arts instructor to a level that I don’t think I would’ve achieved anywhere else. He runs a fantastic club to the point when I moved to Mildura I have modeled my club around his.

Graeme Loison Martial

Hi, my name is Dave Kovar and I’m a professional martial arts instructor out of California and I get to travel the world visiting schools. Whenever I am in Australia one of my favourite schools to visit is Matt Wickhams school in Echuca. If you ever get a chance to go there and train with Matt, he is an amazing instructor and it is an amazing school, great facility, you’ll love it. I strongly recommend Matt Wickhams school

Dave Kovar