Our contemporary Centre has been designed as a Martial Arts facility and currently includes the following features:

  • Club shop – stocked with training uniforms for all members and styles. We also stock all your protective equipment at a reasonable price.
  • Floor mats – our open training area is covered with soft jigsaw mats laid in a design for our in- house tournaments that run regularly.
  • Kickboxing ring – we have a medium size kickboxing ring that is used every Muay Thai Class and our Fight Club classes as well as for regional Fight Shows.
  • Boxing bags – surrounding the Kickboxing ring area are our hanging boxing bags which are permanently set up, these include floor to ceiling bags and a speed ball.
  • Cage Fitness Bags – we have enough Cage Fitness bags to do group sessions up to 20 people.
  • Striking Pads – we have a large array of hand held equipment that is used every class.
  • Private training area- Our up stair private training area is great for one on one to small group training sessions.
  • Viewing area – we have a waiting area that members and parents can sit and view classes in action.
  • Cooling – the facility has air conditioning for those hot days in summer to keep everyone cool.
  • Heating – on the cold nights we have heating to take the chill off the night.
  • Toilets & Shower – if you are hot and sweaty after class we have a shower for your convenience.
  • Change rooms- we have two separate change rooms for your convinces.