Membership Details

At Wickham’s Martial Arts we have NO Join up fee like most Martial arts Gyms have. This fee can be from $60 to $150  before you start for membership and insurance.  At WMAC our membership and student insurance fees is built into our monthly training cost. To enquire about our fee’s please contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long before I join up?

    Once you use up your 5 sessions trial we feel in those sessions you will know if you like it or not. Once the trial is over we like you to fill out the required forms or they can be done before hand.

  • How do we pay?

    We use Stripe direct debiting system for payments. The form consists your name, address and your bank details or credit card. Once it set up all you have to do is Train. It’s simple!

  • How do I cancel?

    If you like to cancel your membership all you have to do is sign a cancellation form at the centre, please note that is take 2 weeks to cancel so the sooner you know the better

  • I just want to try for a month?

    Ok, we have a 10 session deal which is about a month of training. If you have trained before then the 10 session trial doesn't apply to you then we have 10 session card which is at the class cash rate. Otherwise, fill out the membership form and also do a cancellation form at the same time.

  • Do I need a uniform to start?

    NO, you don’t need it but it’s up to you when you like to get it. You must have the required uniform and patches on uniforms, kits before gradings.

  • What happens when there is two of us in the same family?

    No problem we just add them to your membership, so you don’t have to do another form.

  • What happens if I get injured?

    As soon as you know you will be out of action, more than two weeks then you can suspend your membership while you’re recovering. Once you get back to training you can re-activate your membership.

  • Do you run through school holidays?

    Yes, we run classes all year. The only days the centre is closed are on Public holidays and we are normally closed over Christmas ( 20th Dec to 20th Jan). We do have some open days over the longer breaks, free training days!

  • Can I do another style of Martial arts?

    Yes, no problem at all. You can do other styles at the club but also we are ok if people that train at other clubs come train with us! We have many friends from other clubs, organisations and style that call in from time to time to train.