Kids Information

We have three different types of programs for children. Each one different, but the learning principles are the same. Our goal for the children is to learn self defence, and while training they will be taught life skills. The life skills we mean are the common things that they will use for the rest of their life. The life skills we refer to as respect, self-confidence, organization skills & fitness and health knowledge. With the help of the parent/ guardians to follow up what they have learnt when they get home. The program we use is “Skill for Life”. It is a simple check list, that when the member applies one of the tasks they get rewarded at the end of the month with a certificate.

Martial Arts is a life skill, simular to swimming. By learning to swim it may save your life or the life of someone. By learning a form of Martial Art it will help the child cope with the stresses of violence or verbal abuse that they may be subjected to by other children/ people. As a parent it is sometimes hard to know what to do in these types of situations and we have an action plan to help.

The modern Martial Art is known to help children with learning difficulties and we have helped many children in this case. Our instructors are all police checked and are very motivated to help and guide the student to their goals.

Our Motto – ‘Train today, Train for life”

The black belt program is a 4 year program, it sometime maybe longer if you are not regularly attending classes. But we strive to show the student it’s not just about the rank/Belt level it’s about the journey and to enjoy learning.

As they work through our program, we have some incentive programs to give the student an opportunity to develop their leadership skills or be part of a team. We are also linked to a recognised Martial Arts College that members can join, with our help, to get a coaching qualification.

Assistant Instructor program

Once the student is at a green belt level they can attend the Assistant Instructor program classes. These are run once every term. Once they have attended, they can start to help in the regular classes as an assistant / junior leader.

Demonstration team

Our demonstration team is handpicked, and the students learn and practise demonstration drills and perform at schools and functions. Students need to be dedicated, be willing to train, and be part of a team.

Fight Team

Our fight Team comprises members that compete in Tournaments from Form/Kata to sparring contests. They meet and train directly with the head instructor before competitions. Competition dates are located on the calendar. Competition is excellent for a student’s development. We strive for them to do at least one contest a year or once during their training time this is to help them with their development. Competition for us is not about winning or losing, it is more about the participation and learning from the experience.