Matt Wickham owner and founder of Wickham’s Martial Arts Centre has been running Martial Arts schools since 1987. He has wealth of knowledge and experience in many styles of Martial Arts and has learnt from the best in the industry. Even today, he is still learning from his mentors and passing on his knowledge.


9th Degree Black belt in Tara Miliata BJMA

8th Degree Black Belt Karate (Zen Do Kai) Kyoshi – Bob Jones Martial Arts (2015)

7th Degree Black Belt Master Coach Muay Thai Kickboxing Instructor – Bob Jones Martial Arts

6th Degree Black Belt Fighting Fit –Bob Jones Martial Arts ( 2002)

4th Degree Black Belt Krav Maga – Bob Jones Martial Arts ( 2013)

Black Belt  -Instructor, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Level 1, Black Belt Instructor Arnis -Eskrima-Kali – Bob Jones Martial Arts

5 Kyu, Settei Iaido – Australian Kendo Remnei Association, (Japanese Swordsmanship)

Cage Fitness Instructor 2013

Level 2 First Aid

Licensed Trainer

Approval for Prohibited Weapons Vic 696-311-20W

Working with Children check

Satori International Accredited Martial Arts Instructor

Diploma in Management and MA Coaching