Dianne Taylor has been training in martial arts for over 17 years.

Dianne is passionate about teaching martial arts, violence prevention and self defence to students of all ages. She is especially passionate about doing whatever she can to help empower everyone, especially women and girls to feel confident, strong and able to protect themselves.

Zen Do Kai

Started training in Zen Do Kai in 2003

Graded to Black Belt in  2007

Current Rank РSensei  3rd degree Black belt

Currently on the Bob Jones Martial arts VLT committee.

Muay Thai kickboxing

Started training in Muay Thai in 2015.

Current rank : Brown Singlet

BJMA Escrima (weapons)

Current rank: 1st degree black belt instructor

WMAC Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Current rank: White belt Level 3

BJMA Krav Maga

Current rank: Yellow Belt



Satori International Accredited Martial Arts Instructor
SAFE International Accredited Self Defence Instructor

Working with children’s check
Mental Health First Aid certification
Trauma Informed Coaching