Zen Do Kai

Started training in Zen Do Kai in 2003

Graded to Black Belt in  2007

Received instructor title of Sempai in 2008

(training break during 2011-13)

Shodan (1st degree ) grading 2015

Zen Do Kai assistant instructor for approximately 6 years overall


Muay Thai kickboxing

Started training in Muay Thai in 2015.

Yellow singlet  2015

Orange singlet  2016



Working with children check

Sempai instructors course 2015


2016 Goals

– to continue to work on grading requirements to hopefully be able to complete Zen Do Kai 2nd degree ‘Martial Arts marathon’ grading in 2017

– to continue Muay Thai training to work on fitness, stamina, sparring and pad work technique to assist with 2nd degree grading

– to continue to work on improving my skills as an instructor to be able to assist other students